The Ever-Changing Planet

28 04 2009

It’s oddly mesmerizing, watching this real-time simulation of CO2 emissions, birth & death rates by country. Move your mouse over a country to see the population, birth and death rates for it.

I’m a footnote in Wikipedia!

7 05 2007

Here’s something kind of cool. I was looking up Angela Carter’s novel _Wise Children_ just now. The first link is to the Wikipedia article.

One of the article’s notes (on Shakespeare) links to the relevant section of my interpretive reading on Margin.

The “External Links” section sends readers to the beginning of the article–and it’s even the first link! Am I ever chuffed about that! It’s the first known time that a Wiki article has been linked to one of my pieces–and of course the point is to not have done it oneself or asked someone else to do it. Some reader somewhere on the net concluded the article was of some worth and put in the link! Waaay cool! 🙂

I’m almost as excited as I was to be linked from the article on Angela Carter at the Modern Word–listed right after Salman Rushdie there, no less.

I figured that’s going to be one of the few times a link to my stuff is *ever* likely to appear right after one that goes to something of Rushdie’s!

Next milestone: to have an actual article in Wiki. But of course, that could be something of a mixed blessing if the article says nasty things or somesuch.