14 03 2010

Funny, the random moments when an insight can slip through.

On the ride in from Toronto yesterday, the thought slipped in–healing isn’t always about fixing what was broken or trying to go back to being almost as good as new. It can also, often, be about learning to live with parts that have been broken, and that have never quite healed right. It is about feeling the joy and the love of life in spite of those permanent losses and scars.

Sick again… :(

3 02 2010

I took this pic this evening. It’s one of the first to turn out reasonably okay from my iPhone.

The sad thing is that I seem to be getting sick again. I’m still coughing from last time, and now I’m getting a sore throat and sniffles again. The doctor said I should go back and see him if the other symptoms come back, but frankly I don’t know when I will have the time! Maybe tomorrow afternoon. I’ll go after my meetings and stuff. Lovely. How annoying. I do not need this. I really don’t, not now, with the semester heating up. *sigh*

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